With the concept of "Integration through quality education" EBSS was established i the year of 2042 B.S. EBBS has gained a reputation as an academic center of excellence of this region which enables every individual to pursue their education career which complete confidence. As a proof, this school has sensed many excellent results and produced lots of efficient outcomes.

This Organization fully concentrates to meet the educational objectives and determined to elevate its status comparable with national and even international level. Science its inception, the school has committed itself to find the best possible approach to educate a child and pursue in creating overall quality of life. The organization boasts its profound infrastructure and reduced features to recognize as an ideal place of the valley.

Eager Bridge School  proudly announces its success in maintaining its distinctive features by showing tremendous improvement and development in the area of Quality Education & Infrastructure since its inception in 2042 B.S. The school has touched the sky with great overall performance and record-setting marks in different subjects. The school has attained the height of success with outstanding results and by crafting the careers of its students. The alumni have made their mark in life by becoming responsible citizens, successful doctors, engineers, chartered accountants and businessmen and fulfilling their parents’ dreams.